Catalysts "... not (significantly) used up in that process.", however, speaking from experience, the get you through the day ones do get contaminated, and/or used up, in a few score years unless carefully managed and maintained.

Having just noted such, I WILL, right now, go clean my forge and put my tools away, having forged a splitting froe from an old mower blade a number of hours ago. ;-)

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You are very wise, do you realize that?

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I have several of those. My purse goes on a hook, and keys, etc stay in it.

Morning routines - Get up, eye drops, contacts on, wash and tone face, hair in a bun or barette, face serum on, Yoga Super Breaths, Pick up the pill boxes and take them to the table for taking. That gets a lot of stuff done on auto-pilot.

I used to do exercise on the way to school, and later the salon, had plenty of time to do it. But, with changing jobs, places, times, it's really hard to find another "link" (what I call the catalyst that you mentioned above), and some things (especially things I don't like doing, that link is key.

I have the days of the week with certain chores getting done. Not deep cleaning, just the routines that keep the house functioning, and those chores take less than an hour a day, because they are done regularly and don't get out of hand.

My planner, by my side on my desk, helps, too. I write the jobs for the next day each evening, and then I can set a timer and get them done, in most cases. Definitely a place for everything and everything in it's place is important.

With my creative endeavors, I have found that having "stations" or at least "sections' are super important to getting things done. If I have to spend too much finding things and preparing a place for them, I get frustrated, and just move on to other things in many cases, or else it takes twice as long to do them, because I'm no longer in the flow. With limited space in our home, I've had to get more and more creative, and some things have fallen a bit to the wayside at this time, but I'm working on decluttering, as health permits.

In other words, I'm in total agreement with you, and everyone just has to find the system that works for them!

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